• "A Crisis More Dire Than Global Warming!"

    ...we've all become toxic dumpsites for dangerous chemicals

    Scientists estimate that everyone alive today carries within their bodies at least 700 contaminants. Doris J Rapp, M.D., past president of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine, warned, "Everybody in this country needs to be detoxified because we've all become ‘toxic dumpsites."

  • Laser Hair Enhancement

    Get Fuller, Thicker, Looking Hair

    Laser Enhancement (also known as Laser Hair Therapy) uses a non thermal, low level laser light, that is applied to the scalp and hair. This enhances the appearance of the hair creating a fuller thicker looking head of hair. This low level laser light is safe, noninvasive and has had no known side effects in over 30 years of use around the world.


    The Angel of Water's advanced design now brings elegance, simplicity
    and dignity to colon hydrotherapy. The Angel of Water Surround, a
    gravity-fed design, is the premier colon hydro-therapy system and is the
    first choice for hospitals and clinics around the world. Whether used
    prior to endoscopic or radiological exams, as a pre-operative preparatory
    procedure, or for preventative maintenance programs, the Angel of Water
    is the simplest and most effective solution for irrigating the colon.

  • Whole Body Vibration Training

    * Increases "FEEL GOOD" Hormones (Endorphin, Serotonin, Neurotrophin)
    * Increases Human Growth Hormone (HGH)
    * Reduces Lower Back Pain
    * Reduces Strain on Joints, Ligaments, and Tendons
    * Increase Range of Motion
    * Fight the effect of Osteoporosis loss of muscle and Bone density)
    * Rehabilitate Injuries and Ailments
    * Improve Detoxification Improve Detoxification

What is a Far Infrared Sauna?

Dr. Oz called them a "life extension tool"

Far Infrared Saunas increase the body's core temperature producing a very deep and detoxifying sweat from the cellular level of the skin where the majority of toxins are stored. Far Infrared Saunas provide concentrated radiant energy similar to the Sun without the harmful UV rays.

Amazing HCG Weight Loss

HCG Breakthrough

A True Scientific Breakthrough! It may sound too good to be true, but Twenty female patients were divided into two groups, one with placebo and one with HCG injections. The HCG group lost significantly more mean weight, had a significantly greater mean weight loss per dosage and lost a significantly greater mean percentage...

Valariea Sauna Suites

Valariea's Hospital grade Far Infrared Saunas sweat these stored, fat-soluble toxins out of your body and lead you to Ultimate Health. In our increasingly toxic world, there is no better proactive approach you can take than to do regular saunas. The wonderful thing is that taking saunas has never been more enjoyable in your own private suite!!